The Official Commissioning of Anioma Garri Processing Factory and Unveiling of The Book “Prison to Washington DC”


Saturday 31st July, 2021 is the official commissioning of Anioma Garri processing factory and unveiling of the book “Prison to Washington DC” by Harrison Gwamnishu CEO of HarryTech Processing, the producer of Anioma Garri at Ubulu-Uku, Delta State. Anioma Garri, a premium organization through which he process clean, safe and healthy garri for human consumption.

Harrison Gwamnishu is a child right activist, a brand influencer, the CEO of HarryTech Security, CEO of Anioma Garri and the author of the book “Prison to Washington DC”.

Harrison Gwamnishu, is from South South Nigeria (Niger Delta) where he lived all his life apart from when he was wrongfully sent to Prison where I spent four (4) years and that led to while he published the book “Prison to Washington DC”.

In 2015, the High court Judge discharged and acquitted him from prison of all count charges. He later applied as a volunteer staff in Stephen and Solomon Foundation and he was employed as a driver.

His duty was to drive home released inmates and also follow up on their rehabilitation programs.

In 2017, he co-founded Behind Bars Rights Initiative with the aim to connect legal practitioners to indigent persons where over 3000 indigent wrongfully detained persons have regained their freedom. He have advocated for the end of child marriage in Nigeria and have successfully retrieved two young women married at the age of 14 and 15 years.

The official commissioning of Anioma Garri processing factory and unveiling of the book “Prison to Washington DC”

Harrison Gwamnishu have saved many, helped many, risked his life for others. Click here to know more about Harrison Gwamnishu

According to Esther Adaeze Igbinedion, the Managing Director of Eudi Group she said It has been a series of Planning and brain storming and we are pleased to introduce you to our First Client Harrison Gwamnishu CEO HarryTech Processing company as well as Nigeria’s most aggressive Human Rights Activists.

The Story of Harrison Gwamnishu is a story of hope and patience even in troubled times. We invite all to join us on the 31st of July, 2021 at 33 Enugu Iyi Quarters, Ubulu-Uku, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State as we officially unveil his book “From Prison to Washington DC” as well as the Pilot Programme of HarryTech Processing “Anioma Garri”

Also part of the exercise would be the unveiling of the Official Website of his Pet Projects “Talk 2 Harrison” a project aimed at listening to the plight of those whose rights have been infringed upon and a state of the art online store for potential investors and vendors of the ” Anioma Garri”

We are grateful for the trust given to us by the Harrison Gwamnishu Brand to be part of a this huge project.


Harrison Gwamnishu Brand


Some photos of people who went for the official commissioning of Anioma Garri processing factory and unveiling of the book “Prison to Washington DC”


Anioma Garri Processing Factory

Anioma Garri Farm

Harrison Gwamnishu showed his gratitude to Anisi Edith Onyebuchi who supplied all the electrical materials from Lagos for his Anioma building project for free.

He also showed his gratitude to Chukwu Sunday Onyebuchi, the CEO of empire doors who donated all the doors.

He was so glad when the Red Kings, Engr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah came to Enugu Iyi for Anioma Garri Opening. Chinmark Group CEO Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah showered Harrison Gwamnishu mum with love.

The Red Kings Engr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, Harrison Gwamnishu and his Mum.

He was happy to announce that his book From Prison to Washington DC’ is now available which can be pre-order right away for ₦4000

The Book, “Prison to Washington DC”

Harrison Gwamnishu has a mission to build a SAFE HEAVEN for victims of Human Rights violation & Domestic Violence which will cost ₦12,500,000 (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira). The proceeds from his book will be used for this project.

Get your copy today at ₦4000 (Four Thousand Naira Only) either onsite or online.

You can purchase online via paystack link. Click here to purchase the book online.

You can pay directly into the following Bank Account using the account details below:

Bank Name: HarryTech Processing

Account Name: Zenith Bank

Account Number: 1215703245

(After payment, send your delivery details & phone number to Maris Obiubho +2348082510212 via WhatsApp.

From Prison to Washington DC is a wonderful narrative of how Harrison Gwamnishu left the prison custody and found himself in the United States of America, thanks to the Mandela Washington Fellowship experience, a story of grace. He was salvaged by grace, if not the stigmatization and aftermaths of the prison would have swallowed him up alive.

He had every reason to give up, but he never did. When he left the prison, he had reasons to give up on life, he had reasons to stay aloof to the difficulties of his brethren in Nigeria, yet he went ahead to found Behind Bars Human Rights Foundation, an advocacy organization through which he promotes, protects, and preserves the dignity of human rights in Nigeria.

This is truly, a compelling story. The history of the world revolves around the respected figures of great men. This is a handbook on courage, quest for freedom, dedication and conscious living.

Harrison Gwamnishu who is the author of the book, is a man of deep intellect. He is a lover of freedom, an unrepentant researcher, a lover of education, an apostle of due diligence, a man of impeccable character, a friend to keep, a brother to have, and above all, a colleague to partner with.

Get a copy of the book because it does inspire lives, bring sanity to police brutality, inspire hopes and add value to life. It will be a veritable goldmine of resource material for lovers of Human Rights, researchers, historians, diplomats, police force, community leaders, politicians, students, social visionaries, nonprofits, change makers, social workers, and everyone desiring for a sustainable change.

This inspirational book is filled with time-tested and proven lessons on how to break new grounds, rise above seeming limitations and continuously raise the bar of excellence in our personal and professional lives. Standing ovation and well deserving salutations to this noble author.

I heartily recommend this book to all and sundry. Thank you for being a voice to the voiceless. You can grab a copy for yourself, your friends and family.





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